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Used Japanese car exporter,if you are looking for Japanese used quality and reasonable cars ,please contact Fieldrock ltd .and we also handling car parts, car accessories and anything you required.

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Tips For Buying Japanese Used Cars
Japan is the attractive place for used car buyer

I believe that Japan is the best place to buy used cars mainly because cars in Japan are very carefully maintained and the Japanese roads are renown to be the best in the world.

1 .maintenance standards for cars in Japan keeps one of the highest revel in the world.

2 .there are much better condition used car than you expect in japan . because of Japanese government discourages people to own cars more than 5to6 years . "shaken in japanese"that is Japanese technical car examination system - the older the car is, the more shaken tax you have to pay. that,s why people to buy a new car.

3.Japanese roads indeed are the best in the world. There are a lot of SUVs in Japan but most of them hardly saw any dirt. Usually, suspension is only at about 90% of its original (new condition) after being driven on for 6to7 years! And lastly repair costs in Japan are very high making customers buying a new car rather than repairing a damaged car even if it is easily reparable, has low mileage or in a good technical condition - making Japan a very attractive used cars market.

auto auction fukuoka
Why we recommend you to buy cars in Fukuoka

The best way to buy cheaper and good condition cars is from auction house ,specially at country side auction which is like fukuoka.
the reason we recommend you to buy in fukuoka is less competiter at auction house not like in tokyo and
osaka. it means you have chance to buy your wanted cars with less expensive than that in the big city.
fieldrock ltd is located in fukuoka city which is one of the 5 biggest city in japan.
most of exporter want to go to tokyo ,kawasaki and osaka but they have to pay much expensive cost for the car itself.
if you want to make more profit from one car and every time ,
where are you going to buy used japanese cars , in the big city or fukuoka?

YES! you are right ,FUKUOKA is THE BEST CHOICE
used car accessories japanese used car
Are you still looking for used japanese cars from stock list?

Do you know that you paid too much cost when you buy from stock list.
For exporter, keeping used cars well maintained ,it costs a lot like land fee, transportation ,security fee,
labour for well maintained and so on until they are shipped out .
it is ideal way for you to buy used car at auction house, paying car price itself.

No more extra cost to pay.

However you still need to have good condition , reasonable price and repaird car ,please select from our stock list. it has been all repaird and well maintained before we sell.
Half cut, car parts ,tyres

if you want to half cut the car you buying at auction house that we can arrange.
and we have used tyres and parts.

used car parts used car tyres
(you can travel in japan with very reasonable price)

when you come to Japan that we recommend to use this train pass.

you can travel all around Japan with very reasonable price.

you can use shinkansen (bullet train) as well.

please contact authorized travel agancy in your country.

check it out !

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